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If your looking for something different or an original gift then a professional painted portrait is a work of art that will always be treasured.


Its a very easy procedure to commission a portrait, be it a simple sketch, a stylish contempary work or a lifesize oil painting.... Anything is possible, simply call and plan your portrait.


Please take a look at some examples and more info below.

Gathering_Shells_on_Omaha_by_garybonner John the mod by gary Modern-girl-portrait-by-gar Paddy_close_up_by_garybonne happy_customer_by_garybonner-d3ixonr Dog-portrait-by-gary Portrait.Glassesgirl Portrait.weeScot

As a highly qualified and experienced portrait artist i've spent many years producing

expressive work in both traditional and more contemporary styles.

Each portrait is unique and something that will become even more special with time.

I hope you have enjoyed the above examples, to get in touch please go to the contact page, thank you


Gary Bonner BA/HONS

Once the portrait is completed it will be suitably framed to the highest quality and presented to you.

A custom portrait of a loved one makes a fabulous present at anytime of the year, but since these works do take time to create, please order as early as possible.


Short deadlines can sometimes be met for special occasions, so please ask.

I always prefer to meet and become acquainted with the subject and their personality as these

impressions play a large part in the creative process.

During this short meeting there will be a short photo shoot, possibly some quick sketches and a few notes taken on colouring and expression.



In special cases such as a memorial tribute, work may be commissioned from existing photographs as long as the photographic work is of good enough quality.


....and not forgetting mans best friend...:)

919489_506663246066329_1581535573_o The_Barman_by_garybonner Wee Jack by Gary Edit 1-01-01